AECG offers families in Guatemala a Christ-centered, bilingual, affordable, private education.

We are so thankful that God allowed us to send many Guatemalan children to school and help improve their lives dramatically during the first two-plus decades of our ministry. We are even more thankful and excited that He opened the doors for us to start our own school!

Public education in Guatemala is, historically, less than desired. Public school graduates have limited choices for employment because of the poor quality of education they receive. There are Christian schools in Guatemala City, but they are too expensive and too far away. God quickly expanded our vision to position students for greater success by opening our own school. After working and waiting for over twenty years, in 2023 God provided a property that is currently the home of Open Heavens’ school — American Educational Center of Guatemala.

AECG is a bilingual school with a Christian worldview. Our mission is to break the chains of poverty in students’ lives by helping them complete their schooling, teaching them the importance of serving God, and training them to be influential leaders in their schools, homes, and communities.

With our own school, we have more time to invest into children. We want to see all students reach their potential, both academically and morally. Students are given a comprehensive, transformative education and are better positioned to be considered for higher education and more advantageous employment. Opening our own school has allowed us to take the original vision and mission of OHG — to educate children to become successful, productive, and independent members of a free society — to a new level.


Because of the economic necessity within families, children in Guatemala are often needed to help create income at a young age. It is common for children to drop out of school as early as 12-15 years of age to start adult life to help their families. The Guatemalan school system is not free; therefore, many families find it an undue burden to send their children to school beyond 6th grade. A recent study revealed only three out of ten children graduate from 6th grade.

OHG not only impacts students who otherwise would almost certainly drop out of school because of the economic burden, it also impacts the students’ families by changing their worldview and engaging them in the process. In this manner, it benefits the entire community.

Our sponsorship program directly provides a high quality education to each deserving child. For only $45 per month, you can significantly impact a child’s future, helping him or her to attend school. Your support provides students with school supplies, workshops, entrepeneurships, vocational assessments, food, medical help, training for parents, and more. Your sponsorship will make a young person’s dreams come true!


As you would expect, there are many expenses involved in the renovation and operation of a school and ministry center. Staff, programs, transportation, outreaches, utilities, facility improvements, and building projects are just some of the items in our budget.

Open Heavens Guatemala is looking for individuals and families who want to become monthly financial supporters of our mission. 

Would you consider partnering with us?

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor” (Ecc 4:9). We can do so much more together!