We thank God for all of you who have given to help change lives in Guatemala!

Whether it was a one-time donation or is a monthly gift, your contributions help us support and care for the children of Guatemala. Many of our former sponsored students have graduated and are now college students, professionals, and mentors who sponsor other students.

My teachers taught me that I could change my destiny.

I come from a low-income family, from parents who did not have the opportunity to excel academically because they had to work at a young age. At OHG they changed my perspective, my way of thinking, they planted in me the desire to improve myself, to say “I can do it”, they made this journey a blessing.

I am the first person in my family to be able to study at a higher level, in 2022 I closed my curriculum at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the San Carlos University of Guatemala, I was able to obtain this by the grace of God. I am still preparing to graduate as a Lawyer.

I continue volunteering in OHG to support the students to teach them that with effort, perseverance and dedication, dreams can be achieved.

Ada, Graduate & Volunteer

I always thank God for placing such wonderful people on my path.

Being part of the OHG family has been a blessing for my family and I. It’s been a very nice experience, to be able to have shared in every meeting and listen to the beautiful and encouraging words we received. This year I’m graduating, and I’m so excited. May God multiply you for the help you have provided.

Emma, Graduate

Special thanks to my sponsor for supporting me without expecting anything in return.

I want to thank God for giving me the blessing to be sponsored by OHG. I thank all of those who support this organization.

Kimberly, Graduate

I learned values for life.

With each meeting we had at OHG, my mind was filled with information that is useful to me and will continue to be. I know that in OHG they train us to be good and successful people. You help us and support us, wanting in return only our well-being and the best grades academically. When it was difficult for us to understand something, they have been there at our disposal and with the best attitude.

Christian, Graduate

I thank you very much with all my heart.

I am very grateful for all the support you have given me, not just me but to my family as well. Thanks for all the financial help. I ask God to greatly bless your lives and all of your family. I send you a big hug from a distance and may God bless you greatly.

Elder T., Graduate

I can’t thank God enough for the door he opened for me.

In 2017, when I started going to Accountant School, the expenses became bigger, and I was so happy to be able to have the scholarship and support of Open Heavens Guatemala. Now I’m just one step away to fulfill my dream of graduating. This is not the end. I do have more goals and dreams to accomplish. OHG, in addition to help me financially, has also taught me teamwork, and instilled values that I will practice forever. OHG is like a family to me. Thank you very much for all you’ve done for me. May God reward you greatly.

Xiomara, Graduate

OHG has been a blessing from God.

Open Heavens Guatemala is the reason I have been able to complete my studies. I feel very happy because for the past years I have been able to start and undertake many things. While I continued with my studies, I was able to start a small business, I found a full time job and also I was able to approve three tests to be admitted in the National University.

I am very proud to belong to the OHG scholarship program. I feel very emotional when I think I was able to take advantage of this opportunity you gave me.

I’m overwhelmed that I have achieved one goal that I had since I was a child. Now I’m heading for the next one.

Wilson, Graduate

I really like being part of OHG.

I started when I was in 4th grade; they always supported when i needed it. The tutors have helped me to solve doubts. I really like being part of OHG because I share with people I love and I feel good. I have been very grateful to all the people who have helped me to be a better person.

Sheily, Graduate

My family and I are very grateful for all your help.

In OHG I have learned many things. We have had lots of fun times but also learned important topics, and we have learned values. My plans are to continue with my studies. I also want to volunteer in OHG and be able to offer my help and support to others since you gave it to me.

Cristina, Graduate

I have enjoyed each meeting and learned a lot.

I have had the opportunity to be in the OHG sponsorship program since 6th grade. I thank God for giving me the blessing of having a scholarship.

I am very grateful to have some sponsors who from afar have helped me so much. They have encouraged me to continue advancing. They want to see me succeed.

They have always supported me with my tasks and homework when I did not understand them. Now that I am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Computer Science, new big and difficult challenges are coming in my life, but I know that I will be able to conquer these.

Estiven, Graduate

I could never have imagined this would happen to me!

I just wanted to say, thank you Open Heavens Guatemala! Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people who have supported me all this way. I appreciate with all my heart the help you have given me. I will keep working hard. My future goal is to continue with my studies at university. I want to study medicine. It makes me happy to think that it could help many people.

Ruth, Graduate

Thanks to my OHG family, from the bottom of my heart.

I thank God for putting people like you in my life. I am very grateful for the support you have given me during all these years. Thanks for the advice, encouragement, and financial support that you have given me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams, which is to graduate. I’m graduating with a technical degree in Mechanics. I’m eternally grateful to everyone!!

Elder R., Graduate

OHG was always there supporting me.

I started being sponsored when I was in 3rd grade. This year I’m graduating from high school with a specialty in electricity. My plans are, God willing, to continue studying next year at Intecap, since I want to continue improving my specific area and become a professional electrician. I wanted to thank Open Heavens Guatemala for these past 9 years that I have been sponsored! It’s been a great blessing for me and for my family.

Esteban, Graduate

I could have not done it without their help.

Open Heavens Guatemala has been a great blessing from God for me and my family. During the time that I was a scholarship holder, I learned many things, such as responsibility, perseverance, respect, sharing with others, which have helped me a lot. Now, thanks to your support, I have been reaching many goals that I never thought I would reach as a child. I am very grateful to God and OHG because now my family and I have a better future.

Obed, Graduate

OHG became a family, my second home.

For me it is a blessing to have found this organization. I thank God, OHG, and my sponsor who have been so special and important to me. To all the people who have been part of this dream, thank you for each piece of encouragement given. Because of you I’m a better person and I will have a better future.

Elvia, Graduate

I learned to set goals and also to follow my dreams.

I have been sponsored in OHG since 2016. I still remember the day I came for the first time, my siblings and I applied for a scholarship, but the only one who was accepted was me. Being part of the students sponsored by OHG means a lot to me.

During these years I have been able to learn a lot, life values ​​that I will keep and put into practice. I like the way they motivate us, the way they challenge us to not to give up, to have confidence in ourselves and to have resilience. They have taught me with words and with example, how to be generous and humble, so when I graduate I want to be able do the same for others.

I am immensely grateful to my sponsor for the support provided. Thanks to you today I will be achieving one of my greatest goals, graduating with a Bachelor of Computer Science. I feel blessed.

Karen, Graduate